A family-owned and -operated group dedicated to improving our regions

Groupe Pigeon is a major player in regional development in Western France.

Since its creation, Groupe Pigeon’s development strategy has been to make our regions work smarter, by drawing on the powerful synergies between our different businesses in quarries, public works, and concrete, and deepening the natural links we have with our regions and the environment.

The concept of Territorial intelligence is a key concept of our global development strategy.We aim to improve our regions by making them work smarter, which means approaching them as systems animated by networks of actors working for sustainable regional development.

Groupe Pigeon applies its know-how and expertise every day, capitalising on our power and resources as a family operated regional group, as well as the responsiveness and expertise of our entities close to the field.

A major player in regional development in France’s Greater West

Groupe Pigeon helps you, our customers, to realize your projects through our four business lines: Aggregates & Environment, Infrastructure & Works, Construction & Concrete, Engineering & Services.