Infrastructure & Works Division

The Infrastructure & Works division brings together all of Groupe Pigeon's works activities (earthworks, roads, surface development, drainage, drinking water, various networks, demolition, manufacture and application of asphalt mixes, sports floors). With over 1000 dedicated employees throughout the West of France, the Infrastructure & Works division has a first-rate regional network and a wide range of know-how and skills. The entities of the Infrastructure & Works division works for major public and private contractors as well as for private individuals.

A leading regional player covering all areas of expertise

The Infrastructure & Works division is made up of over thirty agencies and operating sites, spread throughout the various departments of France’s Greater West region. Groupe Pigeon has 60 years of recognized expertise, from upstream technical design (studies) to downstream implementation (worksites), in multiple and complementary fields: major earthworks and pavements, roads and motorways, urban development, industrial platforms, sewerage and other networks, sports floors, asphalt, housing estates, deconstruction, public works, etc.

The Infrastructure & Works division is at the heart of Groupe Pigeon's development model, given the close links it has with the other three divisions, Aggregates & Environment, Construction & Concrete and Engineering & Services, and its economic and industrial importance.

Its ambitions are to:

  • Enhance the cross-disciplinary skills of its subsidiaries in the construction, maintenance and development of infrastructure works.
  • Develop new product and service offerings in these segments, particularly in the areas of energy transition and digital technology.

The Infrastructure & Works division relies on a regional network of multi-skilled industrial entities with first-rate business skills, all of which are positioned to work closely with its public and private customers.

An efficient and certified organisation serving all your projects, favourable to the development of the circular economy

Concerned about the efficiency of our structures and the services offered, Groupe Pigeon has always been proactive in terms of certifications for our various entities (ISO 9001 and 14001, OHSAS 18001, MASE), guarantees of quality and efficiency for our employees, partners, and customers. The various sites also benefit from a high-performance equipment fleet adapted to the relevant technical and economic constraints.

The entities of the Infrastructure & Works division recover quality materials, in particular from Groupe Pigeon's local quarries. They also reuse a growing proportion of recycled materials directly on the sites, relying on a network of recycling platforms or thanks to the latest generation of asphalt plants with a recycling capacity of 50%. The Infrastructure & Works division also has the strategic and technical support of the CBTP LABORATORY, which carries out studies and checks from design to the acceptance of works, thus offering our customers and partners secure, high-quality services.

Groupe Pigeon has also developed a new type of service offer in terms of infrastructure management and services for towns and communities within the framework of Global Performance Contracts (GPC). Groupe Pigeon has developed an innovative offer with a digital application to facilitate exchanges between the local authority, users and the relevant entities of the Infrastructure & Works division. By reporting, in real time, any road or infrastructure deterioration, this type of service, combined with video surveillance cameras, makes it possible to significantly reduce local authority expenditure in this area.

Key figures 

million euros in sales
construction sites per year
900 000
tonnes of asphalt
produced and applied

Multidisciplinary and local expertise at the service of your development projects

Groupe Pigeon’s cross-disciplinary expertise enables us to work on all public works sites and, more generally, on land development projects: asphalt, earthworks, roads and other networks, sports facilities, demolitions, but also on special and large-scale works. The entities of the Infrastructure & Works division are thus able to support you in your various development projects, whatever the nature of the required know-how:

Asphalt mixes: Manufacture of asphalt mixes (hot, warm, cold, special), reinforcement of pavements for all types of traffic, surface dressing, construction of new pavements, integrated logistics service, optimisation of layers.

Earthworks: Road works, industrial platforms, Realrestate development, landfill sites, studies and project management, design consultancy.

VRD (Roads and Miscellaneous Networks): Urban and rural developments, sewerage networks, drinking water supply, housing estates, trafficability studies, calculation of flow rates and sizing of networks.

Water & Environment: Networks activity (EU-EP), clearing and restoration of waterways, rehabilitation of wetlands, coastal protection, development of synergies with pigeon water & solutions.

Sports facilities ( Synthetic and natural playing fields, multi- sports fields, athletics tracks, golf courses, equestrian surfaces, integrated project execution without subcontracting.

Demolition: Demolition and deconstruction in urban and non-urban environments, sorting, evacuation and treatment of waste in the recycling sector, in particular via the platforms of the Concrete Recycling Group, recycling or burying, design and method office (upstream diagnosis, preparation and monitoring of the site).

Special works: Railway works, construction of high-speed lines, maritime works, motorway service stations, construction of landfill cells, crushing of inert materials.

Energy transition and low-carbon management at the heart of the development strategy

The Infrastructure & Works division is placing the energy transition and low-carbon management at the heart of its development strategy. The objective is to propose and promote sustainable industrial and technological solutions that are favourable to ecosystems, the environment, recycling, and the limitation of greenhouse gases.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Optimizing our product range, industrial processes, and equipment to promote recycled products in terms of both volume and integration rate.
  • Continuing to develop new product ranges: warm mixes, recycling of construction materials, recycling in asphalt mixes.
  • Accelerating the process and product innovation dynamic carried out jointly with the LCBTP R&D teams, in order to offer new and ecologically positive solutions.
  • Making positive changes to industrial processes and employee behavior to reduce GHG emissions: continuation of the eco-driving plan, development of hybrid and energy- efficient equipment, auditing of facilities, optimization of GHG emissions, recovery of waste heat.
  • Extending the process of obtaining quality and environmental certificates to the various entities of the Infrastructure & Works division.

The entities of the Infrastructure & Works division

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